Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It has been a real busy month with commission work. I am finally down to the last two pieces out of seven. This morning my friend karl and I took off to go fishing. Well he fished I watched, my license had expired. Good opportunity to take some pictures of local scenery. Below are pictures of our adventure and the Fiddler crab annual family reunion.!
When we first got to fishing spot these guys came running out of the woods screaming CRABS!!!
Proof of the old adage you don't have to be faster than the crabs just faster than the guy you are with!!
OK OK !! not really. It was PT time on base. God Bless our Troops!

Here is a picture of Karl fishing. Notice the reddish pebble looking bank behind him. The next picture is a close up of that bank. I estimated there to be 400,002 crabs on the bank.

Another close up of the fiddler crab family reunion that was going on.
On the way back from fishing we saw a group of Toms resting in the shade under a tree. They obviously knew it wasn't hunting season.