Thursday, July 15, 2010

No Oil here !!!

No pictures to post. Been busy at work. Hopefully I will get across the street and take some soon. So far no Oil has hit our beaches. The water is clear and beautiful. At one point the oil was ten miles offshore but with the winds and storms its moved to well over one hundred miles now,,,,Thank God. But still many areas in other states have been devastated. Such a sad and avoidable continuing event.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Missing in action.

Summer season was in full swing until BP oil spill messed things up. So now the fourth of July just around the corner and the beaches are really empty compared to normal. This year I had returned to Airbrushing T-Shirts after a ten year break. Just as things were gearing up BP oil spill shut them down. Still the money has been better than say... being a shampoo boy at a salon. So im posting a few pictures to show you the current remains of a tropical storm that also hit this week... Enough already!!! As you can see not much oil if that even is oil.!! But if you watch CNN Florida is covered with oil... At this time the Beaches are clean,,,water is clear and beautiful as ever.