Thursday, May 13, 2010

Surf Fishing

Last trip to the beach this lady surf fishing caught my eye. Some day soon I hope to learn how to take pictures. I've been reading up on bracketing photos. My camera has a setting for that but I am clueless.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Another trip to favorite local marina. With everyone's busy schedule it has been difficult to find the time to sneak off and paint. But alas Martin and I made it out to one of our favorite places to paint. All was well , birds chirping and squirrels rustling, a light breeze blew across the water. You know that couldn't last. It was the after winter unveiling of Martin's legs.....SHORTS!! The glare was fierce. I quickly shielded my eyes as I turned only to see a poor squirrel trying to run . Unable to see he stepped out off the limb falling and screaming. Quickly I tossed some paper towels to break his fall. Missing the paper towels the poor little squirrel hit a pile of dead palm fronds. Acting like a trampoline the squirrel bounced up into the air flying over my head and landing on Martin's neck. The little squirrel shot down the front of his shirt. Panic set in as Martin fought to remove the squirrel. As fast as it had all happened it was over. The little squirrel fell out of his shirt and ran into the woods. Martin lifted his shirt to reveal small purple spots. Later we determined they were Squirrel hickies.
Disclaimer.... Everything you just read is Not true...well most of it. No animals were hurt during the writing of this pack of lies. No further word has been received as to if we shall be going painting again...
Author....Carrie U.