Sunday, July 5, 2009

Old plymouth. Waiting for the resurrection.

This car had me laughing when i saw it. I couldn't resist that deep sea creature face.
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Ok I must be the worlds worst photographer. No matter what I tried I can not get a decent picture. It has been raining here(less sun light). Nice change from the 100 degree weather we have had. This picture is way too cool and grainy. I talked to Jeff Hayes about taking pictures and it seems I will have to order an HDR program to help me. I am currently using a pentax K20D camera. Has lots of buttons and neat stuff , have no clue what they do though. Well mostly no clue. So far camera just looks cool and it gets me into events without being questioned. Must look press like. Looks like I will have to buy more stuff...lights etc.


Gary Keimig said...

Very interesting blog and choices of subject matter. I like it.

James Whitehurst said...

Thanks Gary.

JD said...

Nice work! I love paintings of old, rusting vehicles.

James Whitehurst said...

Thanks JD, Wish you the best on your move and your art. God bless