Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Yesterday my friend Martin Figlinski and I went out painting. We ended up in St. Andrews at the new Shrimp Boat Restaurant. It was raining steadily so we took cover under a walkway on the side of the building. When we started painting it was before the restaurant in the back opened. But by the time we were done the restaurant was in full swing, blocking off our exit. I really didn't want to haul our stuff through a crowd of people trying to enjoy lunch. Well... we finally decided to swim across the marina area to the other side. One problem though Martin only knows how to tread water. I could see him treading away and being at the mercy of the current. Besides I was sure his wife wanted him back.So I put him on my shoulders and waded and swam to the other side. All the time him complaining about being bitten by a crab. ( I would like to say at this point in the story ..Most of this is Not true!!) ok.. what really happened was I had a great time and we snuck out another way. I look forward to more painting adventures. If Martin is still talkin to me after this..lolol
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