Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another painting adventure survived...Barely!!! I'm sure I gave at least a pint of blood to the local bug chapter. Encountered one rattle snake and a pelican that had the look in his eyes that said, " I can take him"! Other than that, the Burrito at Peppers was great (after painting treat). My painting was a total flop. No sense in" fibbing" about it! I mean yuck..Was totally blinded by the glare off the water and too busy fighting gnats and flies ( I could spend another paragraph on excuses but I'm sure you get the idea). I did however get a great shot of Martin before he was carried away by a swarm.Notice the nice equipment, pretty umbrella and all the fancy gadgets to attach. I had a dead palm frond stuck down the back of my shirt hanging over my shoulder in an attempt to block some of the sun.
Once Martin started talking about his great time in Hawaii and the ladies in grass skirts I quickly decided to remove the palm frond. However the visor he loaned me that his daughter had left in the truck wasn't much better. The fact that it said Cheerleading Camp in hot pink across the bill didn't help.
This for some reason was the most popular sand spot on the bay.
All in all I would say it was another good time out painting even though my painting was a flop or should I say floppier than usual..lol. Its always fun to go have some laughs. Ok I was just kidding about the Martin stuff,,geeze.. He is an awesome artist. Next two weeks we won't be going. Martin has a show to get ready for in South Florida. Check out his web page here.

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