Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ok back to being as serious as i can. I haven't posted anything lately due to the fact I havent painted much. Its been a weird month. But I plan on gettin back at it this week or next , for sure by the week after that. Forgotten Coast Plein Air Paint-out is coming up. I hope to attend some of that. My friend Marty pays me to walk around and talk about how great he is, steal paint tubes from other artists' easels when their not looking and kick their tripods. Just kidding!!! geeze! Martin Figlinski will be participating again this year. Great Artist check him out. Along with many other great artists. Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Scott Powers,(incredible artist) Theodore Tihansky, just a few of the great artists participating in the paint out. Usually when posting I forward the post to my (hopefully still) Girlfriend Carrie and she corrects all my mistakes,,but for some reason shes not talking to me,,so decipher it yaself!

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